Kittens Roam Freely In This Bookstore And Customers Can Adopt Them

People are coming for the books and staying for the cute kittens at a shop in Canada that allows customers to adopt its four-legged residents.

Okay, who am I kidding? Books are great, but people are coming for the kittens and staying for the kittens.

Otis & Clementine’s Books & Coffee is home to a number of furry felines, all of who are looking for their forever homes.

The book shop, located in Nova Scotia, has created the perfect, wholesome atmosphere by offering customers a place to curl up with their favourite novels while ensuring they never get lonely, as there’s always a little cat to keep them company.

The kittens are provided by the South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia rescue group, with the hope that Otis & Clementine customers will fall in love with their little faces and be unable to resist taking them home. The system also allows the cats socialise and get used to being around humans. Continue Reading This Story. . .

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