Someone Notices That Panthers Are Just XXXL Sized Black Cats, Compares Them In 16 Photos

We share a lot of stories online about people living with exotic animals, maybe after a rescue and recovery period that left the animal unable to live in the wild. While these stories may seem inspirational and make you want to welcome a wild animal into your home, it’s always important to remember that wild animals, no matter how tame they are, present much greater behavioral problems than animals bred to be domestic, and the people who care for them are most likely not showing the struggles that go on behind the scenes.

If you want a pet with all the majesty and grace of the real kings of the jungle, you don’t have to look far when a simple domestic cat from your local shelter would do. Here are some photos showing how much black cats have in common with their distant relatives in the wild.

They have fearsome fangs

They’re great athletes

…in more ways than one

They look fierce when on the prowl… Continue Reading This Story. . .

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