Oil Worker Uses Cup Of Coffee To Free Kittens Frozen To The Ground

A Canadian oil worker has been hailed a hero after he posted a video of himself rescuing three frozen kittens with nothing but a cup of coffee.

While there may not be enough in it to turn the oil worker’s story into a blockbuster – though it’s screaming out for a straight-to-TV dramatisation – Kendall Diwisch’s tale of everyday heroism mixed with everyday ingenuity has touched thousands of people all over the world.

As Kendall was inspecting wells near Tomahawk, in Alberta, Canada, he came across three kittens crying out, and discovered their tails were all frozen to the ground.

Posting his rescue mission on Facebook, Kendall wrote:

So today I found these three fellows on one of the back roads near one of my wells. Most likely dropped off. Poor things were frozen into the ice so they had to have been there all night.

The kittens were clearly distressed by their frozen tails, but quick-thinking Kendall had a – very relatable – thought: coffee. Dashing back to his truck and grabbing his flask, the oil worker poured some of his coffee onto the frozen ground, which melted the ice just enough to free the kittens.

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