Dog Prevented Owner From Going To Wuhan By Destroying Her Passport

A hungry dog or a concerned canine trying to save its owner from the deadly coronavirus?

Probably the former. But let’s pretend it’s the latter, because everyone loves a smart doggo who wants to do right by their owner! Kind of like Marley and Me meets Homeward Bound.

A woman from Taiwan believes her dog did her a favour when it chewed up her passport so badly she couldn’t travel, as she intended, to Wuhan in China. A few days later, the coronavirus had spread even further, so it seems the masticating mutt was preventing its human from a dangerous trip.

Posting photographic evidence of the destroyed passport to Facebook earlier this month, the woman explained how she had returned home to find her beloved dog, named Kimi, lying beside the shredded document. Continue Reading This Story. . .

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