Guy Installs Camera To Keep An Eye On Cat, Finds It’s Been Suffocating Him At Night

I’ve often woken up in the night as a result of my cat jumping on the bed but one guy’s pet appeared to be doing its best to make sure he never woke up.

Lomphonten Lomphontan, from Thailand, is the proud owner of a lovely tabby cat named Achi and a while ago he decided to set up a camera in his house so he could keep an eye on the feline while out at work.

As it turned out, however, Achi’s most mischievous – and potentially murderous – behaviour had been taking place at night, quite literally under Lomphonten’s nose.

Speaking to The Dodo, the owner explained how one night he decided to take a look at footage from when he was sleeping and found Achi had a habit of making himself comfortable right on the face of the unsuspecting human. Continue Reading This Story. . .

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