Baby Albino Turtle Who Looks Like A Mini Dinosaur Needs A Name

A reptile enthusiast took in a baby albino turtle who looks like a mini dinosaur, and now he’s asking for help naming the little creature.

Mike Aquilina, who is known as AquaMike on social media, adopted the unusual-looking reptile from an albino turtle breeder earlier this month.

The baby turtle’s condition has left her with a golden and white-patterned shell and a pale body, though her most interesting characteristic is her incredibly long neck, which makes her look like a tiny extra from Jurassic Park.

Check out the cute creature in action:

Mike shared an image of his new family member on Instagram, where he explained the turtle is a ‘Albino Florida Softshell’ who is still yet to be named.

Florida Softshell turtles are known for having long necks, but Mike himself admitted he ‘wasn’t prepared’ when he watched his new pet extend her head towards the sky.Continue Reading This Story. . .

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