Cats Will Eat Dead Human Flesh, Expert Says

How loyal is a hungry cat?

We love our pets. They’re always by our sides and there for comfort and play at all times of the day. The thought of their passing is excruciating – imagining how you’d cope without your cute furry friend.

However, while their death would likely bring tears and despair, your cat might be licking its chops at the prospect of a tasty meal for the taking.

In the name of science, researchers from the Colorado Mesa University’s Forensic Investigation Research Station left 40 dead bodies outside for nearly 35 days to document and photograph how they decompose.

Experiments like these are of huge value to law enforcement, coroners and medical examiners as it helps clarify the body’s process and importantly the timing, particularly for corpses found that are already rotten.

However, as researchers made their notes on the bodies, two separate feral cats wandered into the area to nibble on the buffet on offer. Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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