Pig Dropped From Helicopter Into Millionaire’s Pool In Cruel Prank

Pig Dropped From Helicopter Into Millionaire’s Pool In Cruel Prank .. The article has 2 pages

A millionaire businessman has spoken out after he became victim to a cruel prank in which a pig was dropped from a helicopter into his swimming pool.

Federico Alvarez Castillo, 60, has hit back after the ‘vandals’ dropped the animal from height into his private pool in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

People initially suspected Castillo, a retail and real estate entrepreneur, had something to do with the ‘prank’ after footage of the incident went viral. However, he soon dispelled those doubts and said he was working to get to the bottom of who was behind the ‘sick joke’.

In the video, a helicopter can be seen hovering over Federico’s private family resort before someone drops a pig in mid-air. The defenceless animal falls before hitting the middle of the businessman’s swimming pool with a loud splash.

The businessman denied any involvement in a post on his Instagram story, which read (translated to English):

In respect of the video that is circulating on social media, I want to repudiate this act of vandalism which my family and I were victim of and clarify that when the incident happened we were inside our house and heard a loud noise in the garden. You can watch the footage below: >

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