Daredevil Walks A Slackline Directly Above Pond Full Of Hungry Alligators

GULP! Daredevil Walks Slackline Over Hungry Alligators

An American thrill seeker has wowed online audiences by dangling precariously above a pond full of hungry predators at an alligator farm.

Josh Beaudoin is a professional in the sport of slacklining, where participants anchor a flat rope between two sturdy points and make repeated crossings in a display of incredible core stability.

The Alaskan adrenaline junkie certainly drew the attention of the lurking crocodilians, one coming to within one foot of Beaudoin as he crossed.

Post successfully reaching the other side 33-year-old Beaudoin had this to say:

When you are in my line of work the ‘what ifs’ are entertaining to think about and at times very important, but it is important to acknowledge fear but you must not let it control you. Show Vedio

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