The World’s First Cat Clone, Celebrates Her 18th Birthday in Texas

401084 01: Drs. Mark Westhusin (R) and Tae Young (L) of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University hold the first successfully cloned cat named "copycat" or "cc" shown here at 7-weeks-old February 14, 2002 in College Station, TX. The female domestic shorthair was born December 22, 2001 and has completed its shot series and has a fully developed immune system. (Photo by Texas A&M University/Getty Images)

CC, the first cat clone, gave birth to three kittens of her own in 2006

They say cats have nine lives, but CC is striving for more; she recently celebrated her 18th birthday.

For a cat, getting to 18 is an impressive feat, but it is even more so for CC — short for Copy Cat — the world’s first cat clone.

“Dolly the sheep, that was the first of the mammals to be cloned by nuclear transfer, had died at, I think, at 6 years of age,” CC’s owner Duane Kraemer told The Eagle. “So the fact that CC didn’t die young was news.”

Along with caring for CC, Kraemer helped bring the tabby into existence. Kraemer and fellow researcher Mark Westhusin cloned CC at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, after attempting 188 nuclear transfers and producing 82 cloned embryos. Show Video > Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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