Full Wolf Moon Eclipse Will Be Visible In The Sky Tonight

Grab your coat, a scarf and a hot cup of tea: if you gaze up into the sky tonight, you’ll see the first full moon of the year, known as a Wolf Moon.

Each month throughout the year, specific full moons are given an amazing range of names. As long as you’re blessed with a clear sky, the full Wolf Moon will be shining in the night sky at 19:21 (GMT) this evening, January 11.

Not only that, but we’re also being gifted with a star-gazing double-whammy: the first full Wolf Moon will also arrive with a penumbral lunar eclipse.

As per IFLScience, a penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when ‘the Sun, Earth, and Moon are imperfectly aligned. More specifically, it’s seen when the Moon passes through part of Earth’s penumbra (Latin for half-shadow), obscuring some of the Sun’s light’.

While Europe, Asia and much of Africa will be able to see the Wolf Moon, others may not be as lucky: Australia might catch a glimpse, but most of America won’t have the privilege as it’ll be daytime (if you’re in Alaska, eastern Maine, Greenland, and parts of northern and eastern Canada, you may be able to see it).

You’ll be able to see the full Wolf Moon and penumbral lunar eclipse via this live stream below: Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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