203 Animals Found A Home While He Was Left Behind, He Has No One To Play With

A Kansas City, Missouri rescue group, Wayside Waifs, held a massive adoption event. People came out in droves to support the event and by the end, 203 animals were adopted. In fact, all the dogs were adopted except for one, Kenny, a Pit Bull mix.

Rescue workers were shocked. Not only is Kenny adorable but he has a wonderful personality. He’s playful and sweet– and adores people. Why he was left behind is a total mystery.

Kenny’s past is a bit unclear. He was transferred to the rescue group after a stint with the Louisiana SPCA. But never mind where he came from, he’s a great dog that is full of smiles.

“Kenny is a fun, friendly and happy dog,” Casey Waugh, a manager at Wayside Waifs, told The Dodo. “He’s definitely a people dog! Yesterday a volunteer took him on a field trip. The volunteer described him as ‘a dream.’ They went to get ice cream, they visited a nearby park/lake where Kenny waded in the water, then they stopped by a local pet store where he became friends with everyone who worked there.”

The rescue group spared nothing and put all their energy into finding Kenny a forever home. They posted all of Kenny’s favorite things to do on their Facebook page, including going to the park and getting tons of snuggles.

“I’m confident, athletic, and I have a knack for reading people really well. I love the agility park. It makes me feel happy to accomplish the exercises and I have so much fun! … I am a strong dog and sometimes I pull on my leash, but a harness works really well to keep me by your side. I will need daily exercise in my life to help me stay happy, healthy, and calm. And besides the physical activity that I crave, it’s important to me to be able to use my brain. Please give me jobs to do and teach me what you expect from me. The sky is the limit with what I can learn!”

“I’m also an affectionate dog who loves attention from you. I like to get my belly rubbed and I like to curl up next to you and cuddle. I also enjoy playing with toys and I can entertain myself with them if you’re busy.”

Kenny truly sounds like an amazing dog! No wonder everyone was scratching their heads! Then, thankfully, their prayers were answered! A nice woman inquired about Kenny and said she could give him a loving home. Wayside Waifs posted this:


“By now you’ve likely heard about Kenny, the only dog left after our Adoptathon event earlier this month. We’re happy to report that he found his forever home this weekend!

Wayside’s adoption counselors could tell his new mom put a lot of thought into this adoption prior to coming to Wayside. They still talked with her about his needs, such as how to provide mental and physical activity, that he needs to remain the only dog in the home, and other things that will make life with Kenny wonderful.
Congrats Kenny! “

While being left behind after the adoption event was surely a rough time for Kenny, he is now enjoying life in his forever home. Don’t ya just love a happy ending? WE DO TOO! Watch the video below to learn more about Kenny’s story!

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