Trainer Dubbed “Cruella DeVille” For Taking Child’s Dog, Giving It To New Family

A dog trainer from Australia is being dubbed “Cruella DeVille,” the famous villainess from the 101 Dalmatians movie. Dog trainer Jan Kelly agreed to give a family a Swiss Shepherd puppy last year on the agreement the family pay vet costs and teach her obedience.

Source: 9 News Australia

Katie Clarke signed a contract with Kelly that they would be co-owners of the dog, named Everest. Kelly told the Clarke family she would not be a part of the dog’s life other than sometimes showing her at dog competitions.

However, things changed when Kelly took the pooch to a show and said the animal started acting up. Clarke reports the dog trainer pulled up in front of their house, gave the family show ribbons, and told her the dog has no manners and has not been disciplined enough.

Source: 9 News Australia

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