Chihuahua Spent 9-Years In Puppy Mill And Gets His First ‘Very Own’ Dog Bed

Imagine spending the first nine years of your life in a puppy mill and living inside in a wire kennel. This is what Freddie the senior Chihuahua endured until the kind people at National Mill Dog Rescue got involved. This little dog was not only rescued, but he was given the opportunity to try out his very first dog bed. Would he like it? How would he react? Rescuer, Theresa Spader, was about to find out.

Despite everything this little dog has been through, his spirit remained intact and he willingly accepted kind words and snuggles from Theresa. She is seen cuddling and hugging Freddie and even giving him a few well-deserved kisses. Her next step is to introduce Freddie to his new bed.

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